Order instructions

  • Fill out forms.

  • Personnel to be identifiable information, and inform the remittance details.(Be sure confirm goods items and total amount then transfer)

  • Wire transfer or Other way of remittances.

  • Check Remittances and Money, And once again confirmed items with you.

  • We will arrange the soonest delivery time for you!

Payment Precautions

Please retain your transaction details. Facilitate inquiries and fax.

Remittance transaction costs paid by the remitter.

Please call us talk last five number of Remittance Account or Added Company Line inform message.

Convenient to staff arrange!

All transactions are the first remittance to complete the payment will be sent for you (excluding national holidays).

匯款後請來電告知"訂購人全名" "轉出帳號後5瑪" "匯款金額" 以便核對訂單!!

Related Attention

Be sure to check the receipt of the goods.

In order to safeguard the bilateral rights and interests.

If there is any question. please take a picture for goods. Contact us at.

There will be someone to handle your follow-up procedures.



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